DS-KV8102-IP 1Channel Plastic Villa Door Station HikvisionMVD.006


Key Features

Basic Functions
• Video intercom function
• Access control function
• Issues cards via door station, up to Max. 256 cards (This function will be invalid if the card has been issued via the client.)
• Card readers supported
• Self-adaptive supplement
• High-Performance Embedded SOC Processor
• One-touch calling function

Video/Audio Functions
• HD video surveillance
• Noise suppression and echo cancellation
• H.264 video compression
• Low illumination

Remote Control
• Remote reboot, remote upgrade, time synchronization via NTP, and batch configuration function
• Remote unlocking via the client or the app
• Remotely answering the call via the client or the app

Additional Features
• Tampering alarm and door magnetic alarm
• Message notification function
• Auto-uploads captured pictures to FTP or the client while unlocking the door