DS-K1T802M TCP/IP Stand-alone Access terminal HikvisionACC.015


Key Features:

– 32-bit processor
– Stand-alone operation management settings
– Supports offlineworking,and onlineupgrade
– Max. 3000 card number settings , and Max. 10000 event records
– SupportsMifare card recognition, and Mifare card number reading(DS-K1T802M)
– Supports ID card recognition, and ID card number reading(DS-K1T802E)
– 128×64 Dot MatrixSTN screen for displaying time,date,and week
– Supports TCP/IP network communication
– Multi-authentication mode: card, card and password
– Supports door-open button
– Supports duress alarm function, and self-defined duress password(card)
– Supportsfirst card, remote open door,super card and super password. Super password would not
be restricted by the schedule template. Super card must observe the permission schedule
(exceptsthe NC status)